What Perfumes Are Made From


There are a multitude of diverse types of perfumes that are available in the market and every single one has a dissimilar fragrance. They are made up of different ingredients. They can be made of natural resources, chemicals or a combination.

Most perfumes use a blend of aromas that are usually found in concentrated essential oils. There is a formula that goes with each perfume in order to reach that particular scent that you are trying to get. Essential oils can be either natural or synthetic, which will affect the result of your fragrance.

Natural ingredients cost a little more but it is worth it when you get the natural scent to mingle in order to make out the best fragrance. To use synthetic essential oils will have an affect on the results of your fragrance. The fragrance may not last long, may not smell natural, or may cause an allergic reaction.

There are other components that go into creating a great perfume, including Ethyl Alcohol. This type of alcohol will mix well with the essential oils. There are two fixatives that may be utilized so that the fragrance can last for an extended time. The most common type of fixative used is Phtalates which may cause an allergic reaction in some people as well as other harmful effects. One another frequently used fixative utilized in the preservation of perfume is Glycerin which can also cause an allergic reaction. These constituents are cardinal to the maintainance of shelf life. If you are making your own perfume you may leave a fixative out to enjoy the natural scents without any harmful ingredients.

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