What Causes A Wrinkle?

You should not frazzle upon seeing a wrinkle devloping on your face because it is a normal phenonmenon. It happens to everybody. It may not just happen at the same time. So what you have to do is research about its causes and the preventive measures that you can do to attain a younger looking skin even if you are already getting old.

So what causes wrinkles? Here are some.

1. Sun

It’s a nice feeling to lie around the beach while being under the sun to achieve a perfect tan. But this is not a healthy feat especially if you do this oftentimes. Do you know that your skin’s exposure to sun’s rays is the number one cause for developing wrinkles? This doesn’t really have to happen at the beach. It can happen every day when it is day time. It doesn’t really have to be sunny for the sun to cause damage to your skin. Even if it is cloudy or seemingly like it is going to rain, as long as it is day time, you are not safe from the effects of the sun.

To counter this, you need to apply sunscreen to your skin, especially on the face and neck area and also your hands. This must be done whenever you will be going outside. To prove this claim, just look at your bottom. It is certain that it does not have wrinkles on it because it does not get exposed to the sun as frequently as your face.

2. Hormonal change

As you reach the menopausal age, you will have less estrogen production. This kind of hormonal change may lead to the changes on your skin as well. This includes the development of wrinkles. When this happens, you will also develop a decrease in the development of collagen. Its breakdown will affect your skin and will cause more wrinkles.

You can’t do anything about this since this is an usual phenomenon. To slow the aging process, lead a healthy lifestyle. You can also take in vitamins and supplements. You must also find the right moisturizer with a cream to provide you an assistance with the problem you are facing.

3. Muscle use

There are things that you do and cannot help that also cause wrinkles to develop easily. These are the facial expressions that will cause the skin’s elasticity to diminish through time. This includes laughing, frowning, even crying and getting angry over simple things. If these are natural for you, then you cannot do anything about it. You just have to use creams and include the necessary vitamins in right amount in your diet to help you solve the problem.

4. Gravity

For sure, you know what this concept is. Are you surprised that this also causes wrinkles? This affects your skin by loosening such part. As a result, sagging occurs and also drooping eyelids.

You can try sleeping on your back to counter this problem. But only do this technique if you are comfortable in the said position. If not, then do not push through with this step. Having less sleep will do more bad effects skin. So the best thing here is to have enough rest.

You should remember that there is a procedure that you can follow to resolve the problem. It is a must that you research about the topic before buying any product that you will use on your skin. You should not cause more damage when you only need to acquire a skin of younger look through time.

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