Using Lawnmowers Safely

A lawnmower is fitted with sharp-edged blades in order to trim grass cleanly and evenly. And since there are sharp objects involved, safety concerns come with using this machine.

According to Annals of Emergency Medicine, almost 670,000 were impaired by lawnmowers from the period 1996-2004 alone.

Below are few suggestions about using your lawnmower securely.

1. Be careful of debris
The motored types in mowers can fling debris such as rocks with tremendous force. That is why other people should steer clear of it when it is in operation.

2. Be careful of hot surfaces
There are other injuries caused by touching hot surfaces of the lawnmower. Hence, one should refrain touching a mower’s surface when it is being used or right after it has been put into use.

3. When servicing the mower, make sure it’s turned off
People can also be injured by their mowers when they attempt to do the maintanance of mower without turning the machine off. If anyone does, this is not only irresponsible, this is plainly stupid.

4. Careful with those blades
As mentioned earlier, the blades of mowers are made tremendously sharp so people should be very cautious while handling or replacing them.

5. Avoid those feet and hands
Running a mower over feet and hands is another cause of lawnmower-related injuries. People operating this machine must avoid mowing where there are people or at least tell the people to move away while gardeners do their job.

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