The Plasma Revolution


In-spite of  the fact that the plasma screens were created more than forty years ago it is only since 1999 that plasma televisions have been commonly available to the public. In the last few years the prices have fallen greatly by up to fifty per cent.

But this is not the only alterations taking place on the plasma front. Larger screens are being experimented with to produce better images. One such outcome is the infinity’screen. That is, no visible edges. You literally get more picture for your money and no frame!

The most significant feature of these screens is the clarity of the picture. We are more savvy and discerning these days and demand extra and better innovations for our hard earned cash.

Then there is the question of sound. Don’t you just hate it when you are watching some great action movie and the dialogue is covered completely by the background noise?

Well, this could be a thing of the past since some of the newer sets include a voice enhancer which on its own projects the dialogue.

These screens don’t come cheap though! One being advertised, a 103 inch model, goes for a modest’$70,000! In some places that could buy a house!!

It seems like an excessive amount of money just to buy a TV but an elegant relish having a great deal of worldly experience demands that we move ahead in the path of technology be just a matter of time until you succumb!

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