Restaurant Interior Design


More Americans dine out each week than engage in any other form of entertainment today. Americans now eat more meals away from home and dining has become what people do for relaxation, unwind or have a good time.

A trip to Europe confirms the opposite. Meals there are served much later and have a more festive air about them. People are more engaged in conversation and the dinner is more of an event than a way of life.

Sometimes food and service aren’t enough. Our taste is only one of our senses. People who dine out desire to eat in an environment that is both welcoming and warm.

The interior design aspects utilized in restaurants differ from those designs used in homes and other businesses.

Interior designers make use of sight and sound which accompany the smell and taste of the food. Colors and lighting not only make the patron cosy, they are designed to make the customer hungry.

Colors influence us physically and psychologically so often an interior designer is more apt to use a saturated red. It is a warm color and is the most energetic.

It is most often utilized in restaurants and even kitchens because red enhances food and makes us hungry.

Color is not the only aspect significant in decorating a restaurant. Comfort is key. Plush, comfortable seating with a softer light will provide motivation to people for eating more.

They find themselves comfortable and are more suitable for relaxation, eating and drinking more.

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