Overcoming Fear Of Flying


Inspite of all the security and preventive measures conducted by the airline officers and owners, there are still a growing number of people who are having a tough time in getting success in dealing with the fear of flying. Experts say that this fear may stem from the person’s bad experience during one of his or her flights. Studies show that many that have developed fear of flying are the ones who are used to travel via plane before. This is because of the frequency, it is inevitable for them to experience a bad occurrence at some point. These bad experiences may include prolonged or heavy turbulence that is caused by natural phenomenon such as bad weather or an aborted flight wherein the airplane needs to take an emergency landing that is usually caused by mechanical failures.

Another reason for this fear is the person is exposed too much on media coverage on various tragic accidents in the air which inculcate a fright for a life. Studies show that people who have witnessed an extensive coverage of an aerial accident are vulnerable to having aviophobia in a short time or at a later time.

Starting to overcome the fear

If you are one of those who have evolved this fear and you would wish to overcoming it, here are simple step-by-step procedures that you can follow:

FIRST STEP:- Conduct a thorough research. Indeed, knowledge is power. If you are aware about the basics of flight and air travel, your mind can tell you how to control your fear. Aviophobia stem from over anxiety about tragic air accidents. It is also a consequence of a misunderstanding and absence of sufficient awareness on flights and the technicalities of the aircraft itself. If you are able to educate yourself on these things, it will be easier for you to understand and realize that some of your fears on flying could be far-fetched.

SECOND STEP:- Clear your mind before and during the flight. Fear of flying is a phobia caused by untoward incidents that might happen in the air. Experts say that this fear is all in the mind of the person. So, if the person attempts to clearing his or her mentality from things that might occur, he or she might be capable of overcoming the fear in very short time. To clear your mind off negative thoughts, you can attempt to perform some techniques of relaxation before and during the flight such as breathing that is controlled, rejection of negative thinking by making a conscious effort, and indulging into distractions such as reading, listening to music or watching airline movies.

THIRD STEP:- Learn about “desensitization.” Experts say that this process is usually conducted during a Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) wherein the person who has developed fear in flying is slowly exposed to the conditions of flying until he or she is capable of facing the fears and perceive to overcoming them.

FOURTH STEP:- Seek professional help. Few of the people may have deep-rooted aviophobia that is why they are having a tough time in getting success in dealing with fear of flying. If you think that your phobia on flying has reached bigger proportions and it already affects your life in general, it is best to consult a professional to check on you. This professional can either be a psychologist or a psychiatrist who can check your emotional and even your mental health if needed. The doctor will suggest some options of treatment such as drug therapy. If you have a mild condition, he or she will teach you relaxation techniques that you can administer at home in managing and controlling your anxiety attacks.

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