A Spiritual Awakening


A spiritual awakening will able to let you who are you? We have asked that same query most often in the course of our lives, often having answers that dwell on the basic and the more obvious. Who are you? I am an engineer, a clerk, a teacher, a scientist, a businessman or an employee. But that question is a loaded one and needs an answer beyond what we accomplish in our lives. It can be approached as a philosophical question where the answer would entail looking more closely and deeply into one’s self.

To acquire an awakening, one might have to go into deep meditation. Others might recommend a different approach though. It is still meditation but more of an involved scrutiny. Observing closely the inner workings of your mind would be a different approach but can be as effectual as meditation. Being a third party observer to your thinking could be a good exercise of separating yourself from your own thoughts which can lead to discerning who you really are. You might find this concept a little diverse or even outwardly weird. But still there’s no harm in attempting though since you’re in the process of knowing yourself, giving different means or techniques a shot is not that bad.

Techniques may vary but what is significant is that you are meditating on what is happening on the now. The realization will not come if you keep pondering of the past or paying too much attention to the future. Thinking, meditating and concentrating on your thoughts at this very minute or second would be the most appropriate way to go. You do not ponder about past exploits, former employments, the days during those college years, and all that stuff during meditation. You contemplate of the present, you think why you exist right now. You observe what you are at that moment and enlightenment might come rapidly to some or might take some time to others. You might need more patience and keep attempting to get something out of the exercise.

Others, however, would persist on leaving everything as they come and dealing with them as they enter your consciousness. All those things are part of your existence. Resisting them is like resisting part of oneself. These things are occurring now and not paying much attention to them does not really help. This is why other people insist on not blocking those sensations. Living in the moment means not trying to alter.

The thing is it to continue feeling pleasant. Do not forget the moment and keep coming back to that moment. That will be your foundation for your meditation. You should at all times remember to leave everything behind and always pay attention to the moment. I may have said this over and over again but the fact of the matter is you entail to always pay attention to the moment. If you suddenly found yourself drifting from your meditation, you should go backwards to that moment where you are at peace. Just be there at that moment and do not fret if you’re doing everything right or wrong.

So we go backwards to that question of who are you? A spiritual awakening is indeed the answer but it might not come instantaneously to others while it comes immediately to others. You just need to be patient if you belong to the group that enlightenment does not come effortlessly.

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